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E-mail Marketing – The Age Old Tested Method

Email marketing is age old tested method that never dies.

Email marketing is used by millions of businesses across the globe.Together with other digital tools, email remains one of the best for cultivating relationships , it cannot be missing as a means of communicating your brand.

If you still have doubts about whether emails work, we have collected some numbers that confirm that Italians open and click communications received via email.

What does the data say?

Research by GetResponse analyzed around 200 million messages sent during 2021.

The survey revealed that in Italy:

– the average open rate is 28.54%

is the ratio of emails opened by contacts to the number of emails delivered. This means that out of 100 contacts, 28 open.

– average click rate is 2.12%

is the percentage of clicks on links contained in a sent email message, divided by the number of emails delivered.

E-mail marketing means sending commercial, promotional, informational messages to a list of e-mail addresses with the aim of driving sales, increasing loyalty or communicating company information. If in the past it was used to address mass groups of people, the modern version is based on the principles of consensus, segmentation and personalization.

The importance of email marketing

Emails are a key element in growing and running a business.

They allow us to inform, convince and gain the trust of the contacts who read our communications. The emails contain a specific call to action such as requesting more information, visiting the website or scheduling a consultation meeting. It’s also a great tool for interacting with fans (see our Digital Brunch Community ).

With e-mail marketing you can achieve objectives of:

– Visibility , to make products or services known;

– Conversion , to invite the reader to perform an action;

– Loyalty , to build relationships with customers.

The 3 fundamental elements of email marketing

Email plays a fundamental role in every stage of the sales process : in the information and awareness stage, during conversion and later on in the customer retention stage.

1. Cultivate and manage relationships

We are in a context where relationships count. What better way to communicate directly to people whose name, surname and e-mail address we have at least?

Email marketing is a channel that has the ability to nurture and manage relationships .

2. Personalize messages

Personalizing messages allows us to achieve a certain degree of intimacy by entering the daily life of the recipient.

In fact, personalization is greatly appreciated by the reader, for example if I receive an e-mail with the words “hello Erika, today is your birthday, take advantage of the discount” it communicates a degree of attention towards me How do I do without it! I feel at the center of the action, involved and ever closer to the brand.

3. Maintain customer relationships

What to do with existing customers? The relationship doesn’t stop at the purchase, it’s useful to maintain it over time . Emails help us with this, for example we can ask for feedback or reviews, or send updates on activities or events that we know will be of interest to readers.

The benefits of email marketing

– Email marketing is effective

it is a strong means of communication because it establishes direct contact with the person . The email doesn’t get lost in social feeds or search engine results, but stays in your inbox ready to be opened.

– Email marketing is customizable

Different emails can be sent depending on the objective we have: informative emails, offers, presentations and periodic newsletters.

– Email marketing allows for segmentation

It is possible to play on the subdivision of your database into lists so as to break up communications according to interest . In this way the messages are more targeted and the chances of hitting the mark increases.

– Email marketing is scalable
Emails can be distributed on a large scale to a large number of recipients at the same time .

– Email marketing is measurable
Various email marketing platforms allow you to measure the effectiveness of the messages sent. It becomes easy to know the quantity and quality of content and contacts, we can analyze opening rates, click rates, interaction and unsubscriptions.

Email marketing works!

Email marketing works : statistics predict a long life for this tool which, like any technology, you need to learn how to use it in the right way, profiling the contacts on your list well, differentiating email campaigns according to the goal you want to achieve, personalizing according to the characteristics of your leads… and analyzing.

If you want to put an email marketing strategy into practice, then do inform us.

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