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Why Invest in SEO in 2023? 15 Reasons

There are many businesses or freelancers who already have a website but are not investing in SEO yet.

And no matter how beautiful your website is, or how wonderful your products or services are…

If Google does not show you in the first results, nobody will see it.

That is the reason for this article.

I am going to explain why invest in SEO and I will tell you 15 reasons why you should work on web positioning.

What you should know before investing in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) stands for search engine optimization.

This is a practice that consists of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a web page, positioning it in the first search engine results (SERPs).

We can divide an SEO strategy into two blocks : SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

Both are essential for a successful web positioning strategy.

SEO On Page

SEO On Page or SEO on the page is based on working on certain aspects of your web page , such as accessibility, loading speed, web structure, information hierarchy, keyword optimization, internal linking… and a long etc

In short, it’s about optimizing things that you have control over and can modify.

All this so that Google better crawl and index your website and understand that you solve the searches of your target audience, which is why it shows you in the first positions.

SEO Off Page

Off Page SEO consists of the actions you take outside your website to improve its positioning.

It is about increasing the authority of the domain through quality links from other web pages , as the main action.

That is, get links from other web pages with authority to ours.

With what actions?

Well, writing guest articles on other blogs, appearing in the media, buying links, or simply generating quality content that ends up being linked by other websites in your sector that have found it interesting.

Why invest in SEO

I am going to explain one by one the reasons why it is important to invest in SEO and how it can benefit a business.

 organic traffic source

Generating traffic to the web is one of the main objectives of web positioning.

It is important to note that almost 33% of clicks go to the page that appears in the first position, and 75% go to websites that are in the top 5 search results.

In addition, the conversion rate of organic traffic is much higher than that from online advertising.


The concept of authority has become very important in recent years.


Basically authority means that a web page has quality content, is relevant and trustworthy .

The more authority a website has, the better the tools rate it and Google considers it more highly.

Therefore, it will be easier to position than a page that has just been born.

 User search intent

The search intent is the main goal of the user when they type the query in the search engine.

So it is important that the page that the user visits responds to what he was looking for.

There are three types of search intent:

  • Informative – Search for information and resolution of doubts – “How to make a potato omelette?”
  • Navigational – Comparisons or searches prior to purchase – “Best potato omelette in Valencia”
  • Transactional – Purchase action – “Restaurant X reservation”

Better user experience

Another reason why SEO is important is because it improves usability and user experience.

There is a logical order that facilitates navigation for everyone who visits your website.

When a good user experience is generated, whether at the level of content, search intention or load time, the person browsing the web finds what they are looking for quickly and easily.

In addition, a good internal link to the sites that interest you on your page will help your page to spend more time, the bounce rate will be lower and the chances of converting to a sale increase.

Local positioning

With the increase in the use of smartphones, local SEO is becoming more and more important.

57% of all searches are done from tablets or mobiles and half of these are local search intent.

How many times have you been walking down the street and suddenly wanted to go to a nearby restaurant or store?

And what are you doing?

Search Google for the nearest one with good reviews.

For example, the owner of a dry cleaner in Bilbao should be concerned that when people search for “dry cleaner in Bilbao”, their website or Google My Business listing appears in the first position.

Help in the sales process

As I already told you, SEO consists of positioning the content of your website, and not just blog articles.

Also your products or services.

This will help when someone is looking to hire or buy what you offer, they take you into consideration.

So it is part of any effective sales strategy.

Brands or businesses must be visible to those transactional search intentions of your business.

Search Engines

SEO is not an exact science and search engines are not perfect.

If the website does not have a good internal linking structure and header ranking , search engines may not crawl, index and rank the site correctly.

Profitability and price

Web positioning is one of the most profitable digital marketing strategies that exist today.

According to several studies, these tactics produce a higher return than other types of tools.

According to a survey carried out by Search Engine Journal, almost 50% of companies that follow an SEO strategy obtain a much higher return on investment than when they did not follow a positioning plan.

 long term strategy

Many people believe that this is the weak point of SEO.

And it is that web positioning is NOT immediate.

This is a long-term strategy.

If good positioning is achieved and optimized and quality content is regularly uploaded, little else will have to be done.

On the contrary, if you manage to appear in the top positions and the web is neglected, it is very easy for the competition to take the lead.

Search engines don’t like sites that don’t provide fresh content.

In SEM campaigns, once you stop investing, the paid traffic is over.

While SEO will always position you as long as you create quality content .

 Quantifiable and Measurable Strategy

One of the most relevant aspects in digital marketing or in any sector is that things can be measured and quantified.

Otherwise, it will not be possible to analyze and improve what is not working as desired.

Decisions are made based on data and not on hypotheses and assumptions.

That is why it is important to establish some KPIs that can be measured, in order to later be able to analyze and optimize them.

There are different free and paid tools to be able to analyze how an SEO strategy is working, such as SimilarWeb, Semrush, Ahrefs, Seranking, Google Analytics…

Using them will help you to know which keywords attract more traffic, the conversion rate of the page, the characteristics of the users who visit the site, and a thousand other parameters.

 New opportunities

Maybe you are one of those who think that SEO is not for your business.

But with a well-executed SEO strategy, you can reach hundreds of people who today do not know that your business and your products or services exist.

Generating the right traffic with the right search intentions can grow your business to levels you wouldn’t imagine possible today.


As I have already commented throughout this article, having online visibility opens the doors to new business opportunities, new clients, new collaborations, etc.

There is a very famous saying in the world of SEO that is:

“The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google.”

And it is that almost nobody looks from the second page of Google results.

 Safe and stable strategy over time

SEO positioning is one of the most stable marketing strategies over time.

We already know that it is a long-term tool and that it can vary if you neglect it, but once you have reached the top by taking small actions, it is quite easy to stay on top.

As I already told you, the higher the domain authority and the creation of good content, the easier it is to position.

Although Google’s algorithms are changing and there are constant updates, it is not difficult to adapt to them.

If you leave the web abandoned and intend to catch up without having carried out maintenance, it will be much more expensive to recover the lost positions.

How much to invest in SEO

Now comes the million dollar question:

How much do you have to invest in SEO?

Well, I am going to resort to the most heard response in the world of digital marketing:


There are several factors and aspects to take into account .

For example, experience and reputation of the SEO that you hire, strategy, objectives, payment method and a long etc.

What an  SEO agency or a freelance SEO charges you will not be the same.

To shed some light I am going to define 3 aspects to take into account:

website structure

The site has to be:

  • Crawlable and accessible to search engines
  • Follow the good practices defined by Google
  • Optimized loading speed to generate a good user experience
  • Adapted to all types of devices; desktop, tablet and mobile

A web page created following an SEO structure will not be the same as one that has been designed without taking into account aspects at the positioning level.

Here the size of the project greatly influences , since defining the structure will be more complex, for example, for an ecommerce than for a blog or a static website.


Regarding the content, a website must have content:

  • unique and valuable
  • Respond to business-critical search intents
  • Continuously add content to satisfy the algorithm

Nor is it going to be the same investment for a website with quality content or one full of thin content (poor, scarce or low quality content).


Links should be natural and avoid link buying.

It is important to focus on getting real backlinks.

It is better to have few quality links than many links from sites that are not relevant, that have nothing to do with our sector or that have little authority for Google.

A project full of toxic links will have to invest more to reverse this situation.

Now that you know the Reasons to invest in SEO, do you dare?

Before defining a budget to invest in SEO, you must define well the objectives that you want to achieve with the strategy.

As well as carry out an SEO audit to find out what state your project is in.

Having an SEO strategy to achieve good positioning has become essential if you want your business to grow or stay as it is.

Because think that while you are not carrying out any type of action at the positioning level , your competition is.

And it is a matter of time before you start gaining customers that your business is not reaching.

I hope that the post has helped you to understand why investing in SEO is so beneficial and you are encouraged to do so!

Now tell me in comments what you think of the article , if you are already applying any other digital marketing strategy and what is the status of your project 🙂